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Dapps Mint

Blockchain Solution for Betting Platforms

The combination of Augur, Chainlink, and Polygon offers a full-stack infrastructure for supporting

secure, low-cost betting markets that settle in near real-time and according to an aggregation of

premium data sources. As the Augur ecosystem grows, we can easily launch new Chainlink data feeds so market creators can quickly bootstrap new betting markets for more sporting events and other verticals.

Blockchain Solution for Payment Management

We help businesses around the world to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their payment flows.

Our blockchain solution for payment management accommodates Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchange, Payment Gateway, Bitcoin Debit Card, Cryptocurrency, and Money Transfer. It allows managing your assets in a simple, user-friendly interface regardless of the type. It is the quickest, safest, and easiest way to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Dapps Mint
Dapps Mint

Blockchain Solution for Club Owners

Daaps Mint offers a blockchain-based engagement and loyalty platform along with analytics tools. The platform makes it easier to track fan behaviour and extract value from the activities in which fans participate via native mobile apps.

Blockchain Solution for Carpooling

Our blockchain solution for carpooling is based on the smart contract program. A smart contract can be done directly between the passenger and the driver over a defined set of terms, without the intervention of any third party like Uber or Ola. This can be a revolutionary move toward data security and restraining privacy issues.

Dapps Mint
Dapps Mint

Blockchain Solution for Social Enterprises

Community work or social work campaigns are often tainted with funds allocation disputes. Trust issues not only undermine the industry but also the genuine work carried out by social enterprises. Our blockchain application for charitable organizations brings transparency to all transactions. It follows the below elementary approach –

  • People seeking help upload their data on the blockchain portal.
  • The community can access their data and provide help directly to the individual.
  • A completely genuine transaction is conducted publicly yet safely.

Blockchain Solution for Healthcare

Currently, Daaps Mint is developing two blockchain products for the healthcare segment – ConnectCare and Health Genius. ConnectCare tracks the progress of patients after they are discharged from the hospital. Health Genius is the second product that provides decentralized blockchain patient records.

Dapps Mint
Dapps Mint

Blockchain Solution for Travel Industry

Travel companies regularly implement rewards programs to engage customers. Customers are issued paper coupons, plastic tokens, gift cards, etc., to track the marketing effectiveness of such campaigns. Daaps Mint’s blockchain solution for the travel and tourism industry ‘Rogue’ enables companies to integrate blockchain technology for customer service activities. Companies can create their own blockchain loyalty tokens/coins for their customers. It gives better control over the allocation, tracking, and monitoring of their loyalty programs.

Blockchain Solution for Insurance Sector

Our team has also developed a blockchain-based insurance app with social media integration. It leverages the power of social networks to reduce insurance costs. Users who buy insurance can gather vouchers from social media and reduce insurance premium costs.

Dapps Mint