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How to Create NFT Marketplace in WordPress?

NFTs mean Non-fungible tokens that represent a unique physical or digital asset on a blockchain. Non-Fungible means something unique and can’t be replaced with something else.

With the use of blockchain technology and the InterPlanetary file system, NFTs are stored in a decentralized manner. The decentralized system makes it impossible to delete such digital assets. This ensures the owner’s right over the assets even if the details of the asset are made public. 

NFT creators can program their tokens to perform different functions using the blockchain. These functions of the tokens are enforced by smart contracts. Specific rules are enacted automatically once they are programmed and cannot be changed.

Most NFTs are traded by using the cryptocurrency native to the token’s blockchain. Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain to launch NFTs while Ether is the most commonly used crypto on NFT marketplaces. 

What does ‘Mint NFTs’ mean in a blockchain?

To mint an NFT implies the conversion of digital data into digital assets (crypto collections) on a blockchain. Unlike physical products, digital files will be stored on a distributed ledger or in a decentralized database, which cannot be edited, modified, or deleted.

Step-by-Step Process of Creating WordPress NFT Marketplace

Install WordPress 

Dapps Mint
Dapps Mint
  1. Go to ‘General Settings’.  
  2. Make sure your site title, tagline, email address, time zone, time format fields are entered as per your requirement and save it.
Install WordPress theme
Dapps Mint

1) Choose and setup a theme that suits your purpose.
2) Go to the ‘Themes’ section in the Appearance menu.
3) Click on the ‘Upload Theme’ button and install it. Then activate the theme.

Install the Plugins
Dapps Mint

1) Go to the ‘Add Plugins’ section in the Plugins menu.
2) Search for ‘WPSmart Contracts’ and install the plugin. Then activate it.
3) This plugin is used for deploying smart contracts related to NFT mint and marketplaces. 

Dapps Mint

4)Then search ‘Crypto’ and install the plugin and activate it.

Dapps Mint

5) Next, search for ‘WooCommerce’ plugin and install it. WooCommerce plugin enables you to sell assets/produccts on your website. 
6) Activate the plugin.

Dapps Mint

 7) Once it is done, search the plugin ‘Templately’ to install and activate it.

Dapps Mint

8) Go to ‘Templately’ plugin and search ‘NFT Marketplace’ and select ‘NFTGallery-NFT Marketplace website free template’. Then select the theme you want to use and download it.
9) Create the website design.

WP Smart Contracts Settings
Dapps Mint

1. Go to ‘WP Smart Contracts’ in the Settings menu.
2. Next, go to the infura section and click ‘Infura PROJECT ID’.

Dapps Mint

3. Login or sign up in Infura and Create a new project. You will see the API key. Copy and paste it in the Infura section of WordPress.

Dapps Mint

4. Go to the NFT Setting section and Click on ‘Free Storage for IPFS’. Then it will bring you to the below screen.

Dapps Mint

5. Login in to ‘NFT Storage’ and Click on ‘Create an NFT Storage Account’.

Dapps Mint

6. Go to the ‘API Key’ menu in NFT storage. Click on New API. Then enter the name of the API key and create a new API. After that, copy it and paste into the IPFS storage NFT setting section in WordPress.  

Dapps Mint

7) Next, Go to the ‘Moralis Web3 API Key’ in the NFT Setting section.
8) Click on the ‘Moralis account’ link which will be redirected to
9) Login here and go to the ‘Web3 APIs’ section.

Dapps Mint

10. Click on ‘Copy API Key’ and select ‘v1’ option. It will copy the API key to the clipboard. Paste it in Moralis Web3 API Key in the NFT settings section and save the changes.

Coin Settings

1) Go to the ‘Etherscan API Key Token’ in the coin setting section.
2) Click on ‘Etherscan API Key’ which will be redirected to

Dapps Mint
3) Login and go to the API key section. Then create a new API Key.  Copy the new API key and paste it in ‘Etherscan API Key Token’ in the Coin settings section and save the changes.
Smart Contracts Wizards

1) Go to the ‘Smart Contracts Wizards’ in the Menu section.
2) This plugin is used for deploying different flavor smart contracts on Ethereum.
3) Make sure your WordPress application connects to the metamask and select the Rinkeby Testnet network. 

Dapps Mint

4) Click on Create a Smart Contract’ button in the ‘Smart Contracts Wizard’ section.

Dapps Mint

6. After that, choose ‘NFT Smart Contract’ for deploying smart contracts related to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token.

Dapps Mint

7. Then select the ‘Matcha’ flavor to deploy ERC-721 and NFT Marketplace features.  

Dapps Mint

8) After that select ‘Ethereum Rinkeby’ for deploying smart contracts on Ethereum Rinkeby testnet network. Click ‘continue’ button.
9) Click on the ‘Set Featured Image’ link in Featured Image section at the bottom right of the page.

Dapps Mint

10. Select the desired image and click on the ‘Upload to IPFS’ button to set the featured image.

Dapps Mint

11) Go to the ‘Smart Contract’ section and fill the information – symbol of the collection, name, sales commission, metamask wallet address.

Dapps Mint

12) Next, Go to the ‘Options’ section below the ‘Smart Contracts Options’ section.
13) Select ‘Anyone’ option for who can mint NFT. After that, checkmark all options in ‘What User Roles can create NFT Items in your Marketplace?’ section which means anyone can mint NFT on your website.
14) Select ‘Enabled – Show Galleries as Tabs’ option in ‘Enable Sub-Collections?’

Dapps Mint

15. After that step, deploy the smart contract.

Dapps Mint

16) Read the ‘Terms of Service’ and toggle the below two toggle buttons and click on the ‘Yes, please proceed’ button. 
17) Confirm the transaction.


1. Go to ‘Galleries’ in the NFT submenu.

Dapps Mint

2. Add new galleries here like Art, 3D Model, Music, etc.
Add New NFT 

1. Go to the ‘Add New NFT’ in the NFT submenu.

Dapps Mint

2) Enter the name and description of the NFT.
3) Enter ‘Galleries’ as you previously added in the Galleries submenu and select that.

Dapps Mint

4) In the Media section, select the media file type and add media and upload the IPFS.
5) Select the featured image at the bottom right of the page.

Dapps Mint

7. Finally select your smart contract and enter the owner address and mint it.

Sell NFT

1. Go to your NFT Marketplace website.

Dapps Mint

2. Make sure to connect your website to metamask wallet.

Dapps Mint

3. Click on the ‘Sell’ button. Next, open the above model. Enter the price you want. Then click on the sell button.
4.  And confirm the transaction.

Dapps Mint

1. Try to buy a different metamask account.

Dapps Mint
Dapps Mint

2. Click on the ‘Buy’ button which will open a popup. Check the price and buy it.

People are finding new ways to sell distinctive products using NFTs, and new types of physical and digital assets are becoming tokens every day. Soon, NFT development will prove to be an effective tool for generating sales. 

DappsMint uses blockchain to create innovative business models and help our clients venture into the flourishing NFT trading market by developing a compelling marketplace. We provide expert consulting and NFT development services for your marketplace along with uncompromising security of your customer data. 

If you are looking for an NFT token development company or an experienced team to develop your NFT marketplace project, don’t hesitate to reach us at 

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