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Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Solution for the Manufacturing Industry

It Helps You With –

– Track & Trace (Traceability)

– Reduce Counterfeiting

– Warranty Management

Industry Facts and Figures


of companies worldwide are already dealing with blockchain.


consider regulatory uncertainty to be one of the greatest hurdles.


lack of trust by users is one of the key challenges.
Dapps Mint

Blockchain has the potential to be a game changer: This technology could fundamentally change many aspects of the business world, industry and society. Central to the success of this technology is the question of trust in the markets – an area that also plays a decisive role for Daapsmint. We see it as our goal to build corporate trust and solve important problems. We will drive the transformation of your business by bringing together the three perspectives of business, experience and technology (BXT). This approach influences the way we consider the challenges that your company faces: We know your business, we are familiar with the area of user experience and we have expertise in emerging technologies. We deliver blockchain solutions that address your specific business requirements while simultaneously providing trust, transparency and security. We will help you to differentiate your company from the competition and lay the foundations for your future growth.

What Dappsmint Represents

Blockchain Expertise

We have developed and implemented many live blockchain applications and concluded POCs. This has allowed us to develop well-grounded expertise in blockchain delivery.

Objective Vision

As an experienced team of consultants, we work with you to identify the technologies and solutions that best fit your company.

Extensive Experience

Thanks to our extensive experience we can identify the benefits of blockchain technologies for your company.

Blockchain changes the supply chain

Blockchain allows the exchange of information to be greatly simplified and allows processes to be designed more quickly and securely. The technology therefore offers enormous potential, particularly for the optimization of supply chains. Applications based on blockchain offer a radical new communication pathway within complex supply chains thereby improving trust, security and speed. There are numerous examples from a range of industries demonstrating blockchain’s potential for logistics. The best-known example is Track & Trace. This term refers to the traceability of products within a supply chain.

Daapsmint has considerable experience in global projects where blockchain applications are used to optimize the supply chain. We depend on a broad ecosystem of partners but we also develop our own technical solutions and systems.

The advantages of blockchain for the supply chain

  • Transparency in relation to the origin and provenance of goods
  • Reduction in costs and complexity
  • Security and stability
  • Reduction in cases of fraud
  • Error-free processes
  • Trust
  • Automation of processes
  • Rapid flow of goods

Key Features of Daapsmint Supply Chain Solution

  •     Track & Trace (Traceability)    
  •     Reduce Counterfeiting   
  •     Warranty Management     
    Track & Trace (Traceability)    

Blockchain supports smooth, integrated and transparent communication within complex supply chains. This provides a significant increase in trust, security and speed.

  • Tracing of a product, container, etc. along supply chains with many stakeholders.
  • Traceability of transport processes.
  • Evidence for the provenance of a product, for example for bio foods, luxury goods or medicines.
  • Automation of business processes and transactions via smart contract, for instance during payment, invoicing, etc.
    Reduce Counterfeiting   

Blockchain can drive increased supply chain transparency to help reduce fraud for high-value goods such as diamonds, and pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Supply chain blockchains could help companies understand how ingredients and finished goods are passed through each subcontractor
  • Organizations can reduce losses from counterfeit and grey market trading
  • Blockchain for supply chain will also Increase confidence in end-market users by reducing or eliminating the impact of counterfeit products.
    Warranty Management     

By implementing blockchain, companies can digitize physical assets and create immutable records of all transactions, enabling them to track assets from production to delivery or use by end-users.

  • Supply chain transparency provides more visibility to both businesses and consumers.
  • Warranty providers to validate the claim and the warranty status anytime.
  • Consumers can easily detect counterfeits as the counterfeits would fail to show the expected transition history through the supply chain of original manufacturers, distributors, and sellers.
  • The detailed history of the product alongside its parts throughout the value chain would also help the manufacturer to make decisions on warranty claims.

Dappsmint Engagement Models

Dapps Mint

Success Pack

You can buy these prepaid packs in blocks of 160 hours valid for 2 months. It is purely task-based and allows you to run one or multiple projects at one go. A Blockchain Functional Analyst is assigned as the SPOC between you and our team.

Turnkey Projects

We take care of all blockchain implementations on your behalf. We begin with a brainstorming session with your team and share our requirements to take over the project. Upon receiving your input, we share the scope of work along with the time and cost estimates.


You can hire one or more Blockchain Functional Consultants and technical resources (blockchain developers) managed jointly by our teams. Our resources can be assigned onsite at your location or customer location or may work remotely from our office. Techno-functional resources at Dapps Mint have a minimum experience of 4 years in the domain.

How Can Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions Drive Transparency And Redefine Manufacturing?

Dapps Mint

Companies today need to be agile, flexible, and responsive to survive. Those that drive continuous innovation throughout their businesses and supply chains – and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market by remaining dynamic and relevant – are the ones that succeed.

As the pace of change accelerates, improving the efficiency and transparency of your organization’s supply chain becomes critical. Fortunately, blockchain technology can help simplify the process.

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